VariThrow saves you money - Each sprinkler can spray water to the exact edge of your grass lawn. This means little to no overspray on sidewalks, driveways, or your car.

Let's compare the estimated cost between VariThrow and traditional sprinklers for the above section of grass lawn:

(installs next to the house or in shrubbery)
$ 250 - Materials (including the VariThrow sprinkler)
$ 150 - Optional Professional Installation (although you can install and set it up yourself)
$ 400 Total

Traditional Water-Wasting Pop-Up Sprinkler System
$ 300 - Materials (including 8 pop-up sprinkle heads and PVC pipes)
$1500 - $3700 - Labor (including the cost to bury PVC pipes and install sprinkler heads)

$1800 - $4000 TOTAL (we typically hear $4000)
As you can see, with a VariThrow sprinkler instead of traditional pop-up sprinklers, the savings is tremendous. For the grass lawn pictured above, that's an estimated $1400 minimum savings (80% savings) by installing a VariThrow sprinkler.

As you see, the cost of pop-up sprinkler materials alone is more than the VariThrow sprinkler and installation.

Technical Specs
* Can custom-set variable throw for every 3 degrees along the rotation arc
* Minimum 4' to maximum 46' variable throw
* Rotor is replaceable if it ever malfunctions
* Part and full circle, 50 degrees to 360 degrees. Can be set to rotate 360 degrees continuously counter-clockwise if desired.
* Discharge rate: less than 0.9 to 14.8 GPM
* Recommended pressure range: 25 to 65. Comes with water pressure regulator.
* Nozzle trajectory: standard 25 degrees; low angle 13 degrees
* Drain check valve for up to 10' elevation change
* The discharge rate varies along the rotation. For example, a 8' X 16' retangular lawn at 25 PSI discharges approx. 0.75 GPM.
* Uniformity varies from lawn-to-lawn and my be affected by such things as the nozzle size and water diffusion.

Read what customers are saying...
"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for this wonderful product, it is indeed an Intelligent Sprinkler.... It is simply amazing how well it covers the entire lawn... How much time and money did I save? I have no desire to put a pencil to it, but it's substantial... now Mom has the best lawn in the neighborhood."
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For a grass lawn divided by a sidewalk, simply have a VariThrow sprinkler installed on each side. And remember that a VariThow sprinkler can spray around a corner, spraying adjoining front and side sections of a yard.

NOTE: The speed at which VariThrow rotates has been increased for demonstration purposes only. Of course, the actual speed is that of a normal rotating sprinkler.

The Intelligent Sprinkler by VariThrow
with standard cover
Price: $249.95

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