We Are A California Company That Cares About Your Grass Lawn

Being a Southern California company, we know what it is like to be without water for our grass lawns and gardens.

In fact, at the time of this site's development, California was in a drought crisis and in Los Angeles grass lawns could only be watered on Mondays and Thursdays before 10AM and after 4PM. That soon changed to a maximum of 8 minutes, 3 days a week by the time we test marketed VariThrow a month later. Watering outside of those days and times, as well as excessive water spraying on sidewalks and driveways, can get a home owner a hefty fine.

For this and other reasons, we are committed to developing the most water efficient sprinkler and garden watering systems. But at the same time, the systems must be intelligent, able to understand and be told what needs watering (grass, shrubbery, gardens) and what does not (driveways, cars, sidewalks, the side of the house, etc.).

We are also committed systems that do not require your existing grass lawns to be shredded when our systems are installed. That is why our VariThrow sprinkler system is designed to be installed in shrubbery or border areas, from where it is able to water the exact shape of your lawn.

Ask your lawncare provider to show you how VariThrow can water the exact shape of your lawn or to install a VariThrow sprinkler for you. And look for our VariThrow brand sprinklers at online retailers and at your favorite home improvement stores.

How You Can Contact Us

VariThrow Watering Systems (a California company)

Consumer Information
VariThrow, The Intelligent Sprinkler, helps consumers save money, water, and time by keeping your grass green and your sidewalks, driveways, and cars dry. This is because a VariThrow sprinkler spray water according to the shape of your lawn. Effectively and efficiently, with little to no unwanted overspray. We are happy to receive your comments and help answer your questions about our products:

Installation Assistance
VarriThrow is a perfect sprinkler for the do-it-yourselfer. For installation assistance and questions:

If you are a retailer, commercial home builder, landscape architect, water utility, or Home Owner Association, you can request a trial unit at:

Commercial Inquiries
VariThrow's patent pending variable-throw components an be adapted to any rotating sprinkler and sprinkler head.
For licensing opportinities please e-mail us at:

Investor Relations
VariThrow offers an effective, efficient commercial-grade alternative at a 1/10th the price of typical sprinkler systems. We are happy to do our part in helping keep our customers' grass lawns green by keeping the water on their grass lawns and off of their sidewalks, driveways, and cars.

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The Intelligent Sprinkler by VariThrow
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