VariThrow is great for do-it-yourselfers. Easy to install and setup. Here's a letter from a customer who installed two at his mother's home, one for the front lawn and one in the backyard:

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for this wonderful product, it is indeed an Intelligent Sprinkler. Short story leading up to my purchase from you. I had my plan in place for installing a new lawn (sod) at my Mother's home. I had the date set for the delivery of the sod couple of weeks away and was researching [pop-up] sprinkler systems, cost of installation if I hired a company, or if I installed how much time to complete and cost of material.

I was looking at a minimum of $375.00 for materials and with a couple of friends helping as good friends do, I would owe them a weekend in return. Installation by a reputable company, Range from $800 to $1500.00 including material depending on what company I was speaking to.

Then I came across your sprinkler on the Internet and was very intrigued but skeptical by nature or by my Father, Trust but Verify was his theme. I must say, I have been spreading the word about how neat and efficient this sprinkler is. Mom's front lawn is set up the same way as your illustration with a little different dimension. I set it up in the shrubbery in center of lawn (property line) 3" in the ground, ran a hose from back yard, hidden in the shrubbery, added a timer, and now Mom has the best lawn in the neighborhood.

It is simply amazing how well it covers the entire lawn. There were some neighbors that stopped by when I was preparing for the sod installation asking where the sprinkler system was, aren't you going to install one? It's in the mail I told them. I received some funny looks, after installing the Sod and the Intelligent Sprinkler those same neighbors and few new ones came by and said thatís pretty neat did you make that?

I had nothing but good things to say about the Intelligent Sprinkler, dial in the settings for the throw to go from side to side, how far and how high and it's done. How much time and money did I save? I have no desire to put a pencil to it, but it's substantial, parts for [pop-up] sprinkler system alone take care of total cost of The Intelligent Sprinkler, what's a weekend with your buddies worth and a few bucks in your pocket? Priceless.

I was a little intimidated when I received it in the mail, but when you understand how it works, it's really simple. I'm ready to do the backyard next month and would like to place an order for one more. Feel free to use this note on your website as a testimonial for your product. I am spreading the word about the Intelligent Sprinkler in NorCal every opportunity I have."

Alan Vidlund
Chrysler Financial
NorCal Territory Manager

VariThrow has been featured in the following publications:

Lawn & Landscape Magazine
November 2010

Landscape Contractor Magazine
December 2010

Landscape Architect and
Specifier News Magazine
December 2010

"I was an irrigation contractor for 20 years but had to get out of the business [because of the high cost of pop-up systems to customers]. But with VariThrow, now I can get back in the business."

Lawncare/Irrigation Contractor
Marysville, Indiana

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